Embracing the Present YOU


So I often speak about this but in our fitness journey we are often taunted with our past or with the notion of what we can not do. However, we never really take the time to embrace the moment that we are in, the accomplishments we have made thus far. We are our biggest critics and we often put so much pressure on ourselves that instead of it encouraging ourselves we provide discouragement.


As I glance at this photo that was taken this last year I begin to really be amazed at the sky and how beautiful it is. I also begin to really focus on the water and how peaceful it seems. I said to myself, “Wow this is simply beautiful”; just caught in the present moment of it’s beauty. So I really begin to equate this to our lives and thought to myself if I would just take a moment each day before I get started with my day and  really embrace ME, LOVE ME and really begin to give compliments to myself. Do you know how motivating, invigorating and encouraging that would feel? Do you think I would have a positive outlook on what I have to do for that day? Of course I would, what people often fail to realize is that this healthy journey and lifestyle is not all about just how many workouts can you do; this journey is about mentally how do you feel about yourself. Do you tear yourself down each and everyday? Do you love yourself for who you are on THIS day?

So take time out each day and really sit back and Embrace the Present YOU! Be grateful, thankful and Love the NEW YOU.

  • Love the changes your body is going through even if it is not where it needs to be.
  • Love who you have become both inner and outer.
  • Love the fact that you cared so much about your health and your body that you chose to change your life.
  • Love the downfalls that you have gone through as it has only made you stronger.

So I ask you to really LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY but in order to do that you must first Embrace the Present YOU!

Love and Light,

Soulful Yogi

Art of Healing

I have constantly been asked, “How did you overcome your depression?” or “How did you get rid of your anxiety?” and my answer is simply I didn’t get rid of these things I have learned how to cope and how to manage these things.

It would be a nice thing if we never got sad, or angry, or frustrated, or disappointed. But reality is these things happen, these emotions happen. If it hasn’t happened yet then it will happen. But the beauty of not being afraid of these things happening is learning how to cope, learning the art of healing through these things, situations.

I often tell my patients and others that Life is going to happen that is a for sure thing but it is not what happens to us in life; it is how we choose to react to the things that happen to us in life. We can choose to allow life to drag us by the feet/tail or we can drag life. We have the ability to take over our reactions. We are given a choice each and everyday on how we will react to things that happen to us in life. I am often reminded of these statement, “Did you really have a bad day or did you just have a bad 5 minutes that you decided to milk all day long?” So the next time that life is happening to you or you start your day off rough or it seems as if everything is going wrong in life. Take a step back and ask yourself, “How will I choose to react to this?” Am I going to allow this situation to take over my life or am I going to take over the situation.

So what is the “Art of Healing” to me?

Love and gratitude,


Switching it Up

So as some of you may already know I have trained and done several half marathons and marathons.  Often times during training season you can simply just get burned out. Your body simply gets tired of doing the same miles, same routine, same route and simply your body is like, UGH Can we please do something else?!!!! This is what happened to me my first year training for my first marathon. By the time I got to my race my body was like finally we are here but my body was also like UGH I have to go run 26.2 miles now, I am sick and tired of running.

Often times as runners we get so focused on the task at hand which may be to train for a specific distance or race. But we forget about what our bodies need.  Our bodies need variety it needs change. In order for our body to perform efficiently we often need to take some time away from that sport or activity. So how do we avoid being burned out or tired of our activity/sport? Here are some key things that will let you know that you are burned out or simply you need to switch it up:

  1. Your body isn’t performing at the level it should (the feeling of fatigue, tired, overwhelmed)
  2. When your body starts to shut down (injuries occurring, soreness that turns into pain that eventually puts you on the sideline)
  3. When you simply do not ENJOY it anymore

So how can we avoid not being burned out?

  1. Plan ahead your routine so you know exactly what days and how many days you are investing into your activity, training or sport
  2. Take time to schedule other activities within your training (work different muscles, it changes your routine and your body will thank you)
  3. Take Rest periods (if your body is tired from doing that activity just simply take a rest break)
  4. Listen to your body (if your training plan or activity level is too much on your body-readjust your training plan)
  5. Simply in whatever you are doing make sure you are having FUN (when we start to dread getting up and doing our activity or training then it is no longer is an enjoyment to us.

When you get burned out it can take a toll on your body and also cause you to stray away from that activity/training. Take note of what your body is saying to you during your training. Also, don’t be afraid to try new things and simply to just switch it up!

With love and gratitude,


What are you WAITING For?

Have you ever said I am going to do that tomorrow or I will get to it tomorrow? That was totally me not only with fitness but just with everyday life. Often times we don’t want to face the things that are challenging we want to do the things that are easy, comfortable, the norm. For example, I used to hate doing bills, especially if you know you have many bills to pay. I would procrastinate and procrastinate to the point where I would dread sitting down to do the bills. Well reality was that the bills were not going anywhere so why wait and prolong the process, the agony..lol. It is the same way with our fitness journeys. How many times have we made resolutions or said okay I am going to start this week? The week comes and goes and we are still in the same place, same situation, at the same point and still have not gone anywhere.

So what are we waiting for?

If we are waiting for that perfect time, perfect moment, perfect opportunity we may be waiting for a long time, The time is now, the time to evolve into true self is now, the time to explore and tap into your inner self is now. So stop waiting on the perfect opportunity or waiting for the next New Year to make another resolution. I don’t care if you have fallen off of this New Year resolution the year isn’t up…Start today. Don’t let the past pain, the past hurt, the past disappointments cause you to not start today. The true Art of Healing is understanding and accepting the past but not dwelling in the past. Learning of ways to not allow the egoic mindset to say you are your past. You are not your CIRCUMSTANCES or YOUR PAST. You are READY NOW, the time is NOW. No more excuses, no more I will wait, no more I just can’t right now. The TIME is NOW!!!

Stop Waiting…It’s time to HEAL, It’s time to start evolving in who we are.

Love and gratitude,


Yoga 4 Athletes

Yoga has now become a very popular topic in the world today but can Yoga really help you become a better athlete?

We have all heard of the amazing benefits of yoga from a flexibility perspective but I wanted to really dive into yoga and how it can create the change that you are seeking in your life both inside and out.

Yoga and Flexibility

No doubt about it that yoga is known for increasing flexibility in your body. There are specific classes such as deep stretch that focuses on allowing your muscle to engage in a series of static stretching. Static stretching allows the neurotransmitters to send a message to the muscle to relax. It is the most common form of stretching that is seen in fitness today. Often times in our everyday life we don’t take enough time out to sit and stretch or hold a stretch for 10-30 seconds to help with flexibility. So attending a yoga class that is focused on stretching allows the muscles to relax and elongate.

Yoga and Strength

The common misperception about yoga is that it is all about stretching….and it is not. Yoga not only can increase flexibility but also increases strength. Okay so here is where I will get into the technical terms…Yoga classes helped provide two types of Muscle Contractions

Isotonic Contraction–  generates a force by changing the length of the muscle.

Isometric Contraction– generates a force but doesn’t change length in the muscle

So what does all of this mean?

In everyday fitness and often times in the sports we are constantly moving and working our muscles in a isotonic contraction. Not all the time but the majority of the time. In yoga you get a variation in these contractions…You get isotonic contraction and isometric contraction. This allows the muscles to be engaged while in movement and also without movement.  Prime example of non movement (isometric contraction) if I was to hold a Warrior 2 pose it may seem as if no muscles are working because I am not changing the length of my body. But try this on..Stand in Warrior 2 for about 3-5  minutes and you will soon realize that your quads, hamstrings, calf muscles, abdominals muscles, upper body muscles are all fully engaged and all working together to keep you in this pose. So it allows all of your muscles to be fully engaged and working together; which can help teach your body/muscles when doing activities to be fully engaged together.

Does Running, Crossfit or any sport help you to become a better Yogi?

No it is actually the opposite; engaging in yoga actually helps you to become a better runner, crossfitter and better at your sport. How? As stated before yoga helps not only teach your muscles how to be fully engaged together but also helps elongate your muscles through flexibility and allows you to utilize 100% of the muscle instead of 50% of the muscles due to muscle tightness. Yoga also helps you learn how to breathe through movements and helps you create a mindset that will help tackle some of the hardest races, or hardest competition or hardest game you may tackle….Stay Tuned for another post about Yoga and Mindset coming soon.

So should you incorporate yoga into your weekly practice…Heck YEAH!!!!

With gratitude,


Shed the OLD…Invite the NEW

Most not all experience the Lunar Eclipse last night and today (the blood moon). I love the change and transformation of the moon because it allows me to equate that to my life. The change and the opportunity (transformation) of recreating who you choose to be. The shedding of the old egoic mindset/ways and inviting the newness, the inspiration, the optimism. Often times its important to take a moment and reflect on the past, reflect on the transformation process to truly determine where you want to go with the new season, new way of being.

What things do you want to get rid of?

What things or people do you want to invite in?

What aspirations are you seeking after?

What new goals are you wanting to accomplish?

In order to truly invite in the NEW you have to shed away the old (let go). Sometimes its hard but in order to grow you have to let go of whatever may be holding you down…that can be a person, it can be fear, it can be doubt. Whatever it may be remember that a flower can not bloom unless it sheds away the bad, the old, the not so good. So take time today and reflect on what you want to invite in on this MoonDAY and what you want to SHED away. Remember in order to invite NEWness you have to shed away the OLD.

Quiet Your Mind

As I was sitting the other day it was crazy how just in sitting all the many stories, thoughts, conversations that go on in your head. I realized that often times we choose to not sit because we don’t want to face the thoughts that are going on in our head.

Monkey Mind

I have often referred to my thoughts in my head as the monkey mind or the tape recorder that just keeps playing over and over again. Honestly, that is all it is. It is the voices inside of our head that are from the past that just keep replaying in our head. However, when we finally choose to live in the present state we can begin to quiet the monkey mind, we begin to be able to stop that recording from playing in our heads.

Listen to your heart

Eckhart Tolle said it best, “You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge.” “But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness.” So therefore until we choose to live in the state of being present and release the monkey mind then we will continue to play that tape over and over again. But when we choose to live present, we choose to change our state of consciousness by being present and truly listen to our hearts…then we can proceed to greatness, we begin to live from within.

2 Lives

So therefore we have two lives that we can choose to live. We can choose to live the life we are living or live from within. In order to live from within we must first quiet our minds.

Breaking the Chains




When you think of breaking the chains I imagine being shackled together being in a rut, can’t release, can’t get away from. Breaking the chains can be something that is physically going on with you and also literally. So what do I mean when I say, “Breaking the Chains”? Breaking the Chains is all the expectations that we hold on ourselves. Often times we set such high bars and expectations for ourselves that we feel like we are in chains..we can’t seem to catch a break, we feel like we are less than because we didn’t complete that task. We feel as if we just will never break free from our past, from our mistakes, from our problems, from our current issues, from just life in general. We don’t have to continue to be shackled, we don’t have to continue to be chained….



  • Release the mindset that you have to be perfect


  • Release the mindset that everything has to work a certain way


  • Release the mindset that you have to do everything all on your own


  • Release the concept that you don’t need help or that asking for help will make you inferior.


These are the chains that we put on ourselves each and everyday that holds us back from achieving our goals and dreams. It’s these chains that we put on ourselves every morning before we walk out of the door.

  • We want to move forward


  • We want to move ahead


  • We want to fulfill that goal and dream but we feel we can not because we feel incapable of doing it


WE can but we must first break the chain that we have placed on our lives.

Stop feeling like life has to look a certain way, stop putting high expectations on yourself and start living. Start accepting each moment and each experience that comes in our lives as not a bad thing but as guide to help us achieve the goals that we are setting to achieve…but first you have to break the CHAINS!!!

Riding the Waves



During my meditation on the other day I begin to really just focus on my breath on trying to just quiet my mind. My mind was everywhere, I just couldn’t keep still, I couldn’t just relax and breathe. I was letting the lost of a love one, the moving homes, the transitioning of my girls to a new school, the finances, the schoolwork, the lack of this, lack of that just overtake my mind. Then it hit me…Felicia why are you letting all of these things overpower you? Why are you letting the waves of life pull you under? Why are you letting the waves of life take you completely out of self. It dawned on me…Felicia life is like riding waves, sometimes we have to go back to shore to get our composure together. Sometimes we have to go back to shore to regroup, to refocus, to reset…And that is okay. So that is what I did…

I went to shore

I reset

I regrouped

I refocused my mind

So realize that despite what may be going on in your life….look at life as waves…Don’t let the wave overtake you….Ride the waves. If you fall down, get back up on the board….continue to ride…..continue to hold steady. If you have to go to shore realize that is okay but don’t just stay on the shore wishing you would have, could have, should have. Get back out on the waves of life…And keep riding, keep pushing, keep striving, keep staying afloat. Don’t let the wave take you out but you take control over that wave.

Savor the Moment



Often times we get in the hustle and bustle of life and oddly enough my meditation today was all about stretching. At first I see these words and naturally think of stretching when you are trying to release a tight muscle or stretching because you don’t want to have any cramps or tightness in your body.


But this is a different type of stretching but holds the same meaning. When we stretch our bodies or a muscle we are stretching to help release tension and we are holding that pose for an extending period of time. Often times after holding a stretch we feel a sense of relief, we feel like a new person, simply a new feeling.


Well the kind of stretching I am referring to is different. This type of stretching deals with the moments in our lives.  As a society we have this on the go type feeling where we are always at a need to move, to go. But what if we stop for one moment and just stretched out the present moment, we live in the present state as long as we possibly can.

What would happen?

I’ll tell you what would happen we would experience things like no other, we would notice the beauty in that moment, it will allow us to cherish that moment. We would find peace and a sense of relief within that moment.


Because we are stretching out that moment, we are truly learning and embracing the present moment. This is the type of stretching that we need to do with our lives each and everyday. Take time out each day to release the habit of always on the go but get into the habit of embracing each present moment.


Stretching out each present moment so that we can experience it fully, 100%. So the next time your mind is wanting to go so many miles per minute. Take a second and just stretch out the present moment. See what you see, feel what you feel, embrace everything that moment has to offer. Just as stretching will help release tension in your body physically it can do the same thing mentally. Mentally it can help relieve tension in your mind and allow you to truly wholeheartedly enjoy the moment. So I invite you to not only stretch physically but let’s practice stretching mentally.