The Good, Bad Yet Rewarding Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle


So we have all had our ups and downs as it relates to life in general. Well as you all know it typically becomes that much harder when you are adding fitness or other goals into the mix. This month I am going to take you all through what I call, “The Good, Bad Yet Rewarding Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle.” Why is this so important? As women we have all undergone so many obstacles and often times we think that we are the only ones going through. However, many of us are facing the same turmoils, mishaps and disappointments. Through my journal  this month you will learn what a day in my life looks like, how I fight depression/anxiety, self confidence, the need for approval and perfectionism. Many of these things we face each and everyday but are so afraid to talk about it.  So this month I decided it’s time to stop hiding the triumphs and importantly the defeats.  This journal is not meant to just talk about my life but yet  encourage you that despite what is going on in your life right now you can live a healthy lifestyle; it’s all in our mindset.


So who am I? Let me begin this journal by telling you about myself.  I wear many hats as many women experience the same thing.  I am full time employee,  wife and a mother of two beautiful girls ( one that will be 10 and the other who is 6).They are my pride and joy and have also faced many obstacles throughout their childhood.  I have held 3 jobs all at once in some periods of my life. Crazy huh? I know but you will learn later the rationale behind my decision making. I currently work as  a certified athletic trainer.  Some may be scratching their heads right now saying “What is that?” A certified athletic trainer is an allied healthcare provider who specializes in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses that occur to athletes and the physically active. Okay, so I know that was in depth terminology, basically, if you have been at a ball game or seen on TV when an athlete  gets hurt and you see this person darting out onto the court or field; well that’s what I do. Also, if you have ever have  ran a  race and you get tight or have pain you go see this person under the tent for some medical advice; I work in that capacity as well. Outside of being a full time employee, wife and mother I enjoy running and Olympic weightlifting. So by now you are probably like how the heck does she do all of that? Well, some days I am on point and others well let’s just say I fall off the bandwagon. As some of you will see throughout this journal experience that my life is a roller coaster some days  and  smooth sailing on other days.

“How do I deal with it?”

“How do I cope with my stressors?”

“How do I  continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle?”

Questions that we each face each and everyday.  So buckle your seat-belts and  follow me on this journey of “The Good, Bad but yet Rewarding Fitness Journey”. Let’s take this journey to a healthy lifestyle together. Let’s win our lives back!



Let’s Go



Felicia White Headshots 2015 WEB-8


Beyounique Women


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