Women……….. “Why Do We Compete Against Each Other?”


As I was driving to church on this morning I began to reflect on this week; the good and the challenges. One accomplishment I was proud about was that I had completed my sixth half marathon. However, my mind started to think back about a year ago and what I had accomplished in my second half marathon. I had ran an amazing race with a great pace. Then I thought to myself  wow Felicia how can you be so happy about a race in which you ran so much slower than what you ran a year ago? As I began to ponder on that question I began scrolling through facebook and remembered earlier this year when I would scroll through facebook and see so many ladies PR’s (personal records) and race pace and how great they did. As I would scroll the posts it would put me into a depressed state because I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t do the same as that person. I also thought to myself, wow everything is going great for that person and look at me struggling and depressed. Then I had to shake myself and say, Felicia, Why do you want that pace again? Is it because you would like to get back to that speed? Or is it because you wan’t to do better than the woman beside you or the people on facebook? Often times as women we forget that the ability to run a race and finish is a victory. We get caught up in the hype of facebook and also in the hype of someone else dream. We think that we are not good enough unless we beat the woman beside of us. Now don’t get me wrong there is time and place for competition when we think of crossfit games or in a race in which you want to pass the person in front of you into the finish line. I’m not saying that you should never compete. I am saying let’s stop looking at someone else goals and trying to outdo them. Let’s focus on being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. You may not feel like you are where you want to be but rejoice in the fact that you are farther than where you were before.


Be”YOU” Nique!!!!!! The only person you should be competing with is that person you see in the mirror each and everyday!


As women let’s focus on empowering each other, lifting each other up. Let’s stop trying to beat out the person beside of us. We are all in this journey together seeking the same goal. That goal is to become a Healthier “YOU”


I challenge each of you to start the week off with the mindset that I will be the “Best Me” this week.



Beyounique Women

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