It’s a Process

Don’t worry It’s a Process


So the other day as I was scrolling through social media I was astonished at the numerous fitness post and all of the outcomes that were posted from the process of eating healthy and physical fitness. I said to myself wow as a beginner this can be very overwhelming at times. Although it is great to see someone post their 6 pack abs or their clearly defined leg muscles but often times it can also be discouragement. You say why do you say this Felicia? Well as we all know that change is a process. As women we so often get so discouraged when we workout and we feel as if we are doing everything we can but yet still have not seen that 6 pack abs  or tone arms and tone legs. I’m hear to tell you change is most definitely a process and it takes time. I have also been that woman that will look at a picture and say,  “Wow wish I had that body but then I have to sit back and tell myself this person in this picture had a process that they went through. Often times as we view pictures of people we don’t see their process but just see their outcome. We may not understand that they too may have suffered through the same process we are currently going through. So in knowing this we should take each day at a time and celebrate the small things we have accomplished or conquered.


Celebrate Your Process

One thing that I have learned is to celebrate the small accomplishments and I don’t feel bad in doing it. Earlier this week a good friend @evolutionyoga posted a great post on her thread. She took a picture at her rawness displaying the “no makeup” the “mama stripes” and just simply her pure beauty. I was once that person who was so ashame of my body as it was going through it’s process but I have learned to embrace my inner and outer beauty. In doing this it not only displays you but also displays the womanhood that you represent. So what does this all mean? Don’t hide away from your true womanhood, embrace it, celebrate that process in your life. Many women don’t understand the process of bearing a child and the process of engaging in physical activity is a huge step in creating a healthy lifestyle not only for themselves but also their family. So Celebrate that process!  You may feel  as if you are not at the weight you want to be currently right but celebrate the process you’re are going through and celebrate the outcome you “WILL” receive. This lifestyle called healthy is a process and must be taken each day at a time. So don’t quit.


Don’t Quit

Often times we get frustrated when we are not seeing the results immediately. Remember it takes time; typically it takes approximately 4-6 weeks of training to see results. Also, remember it’s a process, it will take time for change. Don’t give up or get frustrated but stay the course. If you fall off dust yourself off and get back on the bandwagon. Remember in order to be successful and to change you will go through some disappointments, failures and falls but the ability to get up and finish the course is based off of your  determination and motivation. So” Don’t Quit”


We all fight this thing called change and the process it takes to change. Remember these key things:

It’s a Process

Celebrate the Process (reward yourself for each small goal)

Don’t Quit

Let’s fight this course called “Healthy Lifestyle” together.  Let’s “Be a Better Me an d You”

Love always,


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