It’s Okay to Rest



rest So as I was finishing up my workouts this week I really was trying to plan out my workouts while on vacation. Something inside of me felt like if I take a couple days off it would make me fall behind. Then I realize that everyone’s body needs REST. Often times in this fitness journey we feel as if we take one day off that we will  gain weight or fall off of the bandwagon. However, often times our body needs the break to help us rejuvenate our mind and body so that we can perform better.


Imagine this after spending three days of an intense workout then I spent three days resting that I was able to run at a faster pace. How was this? My body was able to recover from the intense workout and I was able to utilize my muscles more efficiently. So what are you saying Felicia? Even though we may feel as if we will lose that drive or tenacity by resting we our actually giving our bodies a gift. The gift of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing.

There are five thoughts  that I keep in mind while I am resting my body


1. My body deserves the rest

2. You worked hard now it’s time to let my muscles heal

3. I will perform better once I allow my body to rest

4. You are not missing anything by resting

5. Finally, It’s okay to REST


Remember, there is a difference between resting your body and being forced to rest. Rest is necessary to allow your body to fully recover from an intense workout. Often times injuries occur because we don’t allow our bodies to fully recover. As I tell my athletes we can choose to rest our bodies or our bodies will rest unwillingly by being injured. Don’t let this be you, always remember, “It’s Okay to REST!”


So in your fitness journey  always incorporate rest days and don’t you dare feel guilty about it:)




Love always



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