Are you prepared to Swim, Bike and Run?


So its that time of the year again where training is official started, everyone has different goals whether it is to complete a 5k, half marathon or marathon. This is also the time where many people are training for Triathlons where you not only have to train for 1 sport but 3. This is a challenging task but can be accomplished with proper training, techniques and drive. It is very achievable and can be done while staying “Injury Free”. Often times injuries occur due to lack of preparedness So as we say goodbye to July and Hello to August the focus in August is  all about “Self Care” While training this season we must take care of our bodies by training properly and being prepared for that event. So are you prepared to Swim, Bike and Run?


So are you prepared to Swim, Bike and Run?

I was fascinated by these ladies experiences on their road to becoming and being a triathlete so I wanted to know what their thoughts around how someone can be properly prepared for a triathlon.


But first lets meet these wonderful ladies



Niche Faulkner


What does Niche not do? Is what I would constantly ask myself when I first met this beautiful lady. Niche is active in the fitness world and has completed several 5ks, 10ks, 10 milers, half marathons, 3 triathlons and well on her way in completing a marathon this fall. Outside of these fitness endeavors  she is also co-founder of Shae Movement where she teaches weekly African Dance classes and performs as well. But wait I’m not done she is also an avid figure within the community; she is the Regional Ambassador of an organization called Blacks Girl Run where she assist in making other ladies dreams come true in leading a healthy lifestyle. She has work with so many women through training for a race and even assisting beginner triathletes. She does all of these things while parenting a handsome son,  being a wonderful daughter and wife. Thank you Niche for all you do for the women in our community and around the world.

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Keisa Hines


Keisa Hines is my marathon partner and we conquered our first marathon in Savannah together. Without her ……Wow I know that I wouldn’t have been able to complete my first marathon. Keisa has completed several races as well and not only is she a beast on the pavement but a beast on the bike. My cyclist queen as I call her helps other individuals go down that fun, exciting and liberating journey of spin. She  is the epitome of a great friend and great woman and she has so much more in store and I can’t wait to see her fulfil all of her dreams.



 Stephanie Johnson


Now this mother of two handsome boys, triathlete, marathoner, ultramarathoner, yogi and so many more things is kind at heart but a beast at what she does:) She is my inspiration that anything that I set my mind to I can do with will, determination and drive .Since swimming her  lap in January 2014 she has completed one Sprint, four Olympic, and one Half Ironman distance triathlons. She has  another Half Ironman this   year before she race Ironman Arizona this November. She has completed multiple marathons and an ultramarathon. She is  a yoga instructor and believes her  yoga practice has given her a solid foundation for running and triathlon. She is a mother of two young boys who are her biggest cheerleaders! Endurance sports coupled with a strong meditative and physical yoga practice brings her passion, fun and a lifetime of fitness.


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 So triathlon training is already underway and everyone is preparing or getting prepared for that big day. So I asked these ladies if you could give any advice to the triathlete’s in training what would it be?


Niche stated, “Don’t underestimate the process of training and all of its layers. Swimming, biking  and running are fine separately but you are training for a race with three events therefore you have to train for all three together and not individually. Swimming then biking, biking then running, running then swimming and any other order you choose but definitely practicing all three simultaneously.”


Keisa stated,  “My advice to anyone embarking on becoming a triathlete is to walk in confidence, enjoy the process and find a partner to train with. If this is your first triathlon understand that just like anything you plan to do during life confidene is key. Understand your weaknesses and work on them to become better and more efficient but do not doubt yourself . Preparing for a triathlon is a process, it takes time and requires patience. As you train look back at your progress and celebrate your accomplishments. A training partner is instrumental in helping you grow and remain sane while preparing for a triathlon. Choose a partner who you can chase to help you improve and that you may offer the same opportunity to. For example, you may help your partner increase speed and endurance in the pool and they may help you become a faster and better runner. Also, you will become frustrated at times while training, your partner should be able to empathize while helping you get your head back in the game. Remember, you have to walk in confidence, there isn’t time to wallow.”


Steph  stated, “First of all it it’s amazing that you’ve made the decision to TRI! That in itself is an accomplishment only a small percentage can say they have done. I received two great pieces of advice before my first triathlon. The first was by my mentor and hero, Bob Scott. He is an 84 year old Ironman who is still racing Half and Full Ironman distances. He taught me to swim and introduced me to this crazy triathlete life. He told me to smile the entire time. Each and every race is about fun, fitness and friends. Trust my training and the race is just the dance. Focus on what can and WILL go right versus what could go wrong. Smile and encourage other participants and thank every volunteer. It will keep your spirits up! And the second best piece of advice I got was to race your first triathlon with your heart. Don’t wear a watch. Enjoy every aspect of your first race because you only get your first race one time. So toss expectations out the window and have some fun! It doesn’t matter what happens between the start line and finish line…what matters is that you cross both with a big smile on your face!


  If you could go back and do anything different with your training process or work on anything in particular what would it be?


Niche stated, ” The first time was about learning to swim. The second triathlon was about becoming more efficient and working on endurance. The third was about becoming “level 9-10″ in the pool. Biking is my weakness and therefore my least favorite of the three. It would have helped my overall time if I would’ve spent more time on it.”



Keisa stated, “Looking back on my training my area to improve would be the bike. Being on the road with others made me nervous. One step to conquer that nervousness is that I learned of a site that promotes weekly bike rides.”


 Steph stated, I believe following the advice  from my first statement above made my first triathlon an amazing experience. Maybe I would have practiced sighting in open water before my race but I did it. It was slow and not pretty but I got out of the water with the biggest smile and sense of accomplishment. Keep it FUN! As the distance grew I realized the importance of nutrition as a key element to triathlon. As you begin to conquer bigger distances think of triathlon as a four sport event…Swim…Bike…Run…Nutrition.”




These ladies are truly the epitome of great women and their advice in proper training is something that will help you become and be prepared to Swim, Bike and Run. Triathlon training encompasses 3 sports and being prepared for these 3 sports can not only help you succeed in your triathlon but help you stay injury free. As stated by these wonderful ladies train properly, trust your training, be confident and more importantly “HAVE FUN”



With love and Proper Training,













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