Building Self Esteem


Wow “Self Esteem” that is such as strong word and phrase. Notice it starts with self…..such a powerful phrase that encompasses so much. So what is self esteem? In sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects a person’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her worth. It is a judgement of oneself as well as an attitude towards self; such a powerful definition that encompasses so much.

What is self esteem to me?

Self esteem is that feeling about yourself. How you feel about you. Do you like You? Do you value your worth? Self esteem can be noticed in how you carry yourself or your demeanor. Are you always looking down at yourself? Do you ever compliment yourself? Self esteem is more than just a word it’s an ACT.


So how does building self-esteem lead you to a healthier you?

So imagine a young girl who didn’t like the way she looked or anything about herself. Imagine this same girl feeling worthless, feeling like she had no value. Now imagine this girl in a state of depression who decides to eat her sorrow away. After days months and years of continuing this girl is now a woman who is suffering from severe depression, overweight, at risk of heart disease and other health problems some of which could have been prevented if her life went into a different direction.

Now imagine this same woman who sought out to find herself, to build her self-esteem, self worth, self value and self confidence. Now imagine this woman who has met numerous fitness goals of 5ks, half marathons, marathons and crossfit athlete. This woman is strong and healthy not only physically but now emotionally. This woman knows who self worth, self value, self confidence and most importantly SELF ESTEEM


Who is this woman? This woman is ME

So join with me ladies and Let’s BUILD your SELF ESTEEM

Felicia White Headshots 2015 WEB-9


With love and CONFIDENCE



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