So this month has been the #30daysofselfcare month. It’s all about taking care of SELF. In my journey I realize some big key things in doing self care is understanding the value and the concept of self confidence. Often times we beat ourselves up trying to be like someone else or trying to live in someone else shoes. Instead of really evaluating ourselves and looking how great we are in our own skin we devalue ourselves by saying we are not good enough, strong enough, don’t look the best. So a big factor in really valuing our self worth is having SELF CONFIDENCE

What is self confidence?

Self confidence is the ability to trust in oneself, your abilities, your qualities, your judgement and your overall morale. Self confidence coincides with self esteem. And with the two together it helps to build a strong person and a strong since of SELF WORTH.

Why is self confidence so important in living a healthly lifestyle?

Often times as women the fear of the unknown frightens us. We are challenge to take control of our lives by either eating healthier, exercising, taking on new adventures but the fact of whether or not we can accomplish these tasks sets us behind from accomplishing.  Self confidence is all about believing that you can achieve that goal; seeing yourself achieve whatever it is that you desire to achieve.  Letting go of the FEAR that you can’t and realizing that YOU CAN!


Don’t let the FEAR of the UNKNOWN cause you to lose or lack that SELF CONFIDENCE. Go for it…………Start that task you have always wanted to begin………Achieve that goal you have dreamed about for so long……………Take that plunged into the world of ‘I AM and I WILL” mentality.





With love and Confidence






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