Worry Less Exercise More




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Have you ever had one of those weeks, days or even months where you are like what in the world is going on….I am really about to lose it. Well let me tell you I have definitely had days, weeks and months like this. Just this week I was going insane between work, kids starting a new school, business and even training.  Often times we find ourselves in situations like this and we tend to go off the deep end through stress eating, anxiety attacks or depression. Well even through this week I have learned that when problems are solved what is the need to worry and if you cannot solve that problem, then what is the use of worrying.

So as I was going through stress this week I took time out of my day and went through these 5 key steps:


  1. Breathe (often times the sound of your breath can help relax the body and mind)
  2. Think about the situation (Is it something that you can control?)
  3. Can you control the situation?
    1. If you can control it then make steps or a plan to get the situation under control
  4. Find something to occupy your mind like exercise
  5. Let it Go! ( if you can solve it then solve it, if you can’t then simply just LET IT GO)

Many times if you just take time to really breathe and relax your mind and really think about the situation. You will find yourself saying, ” Why am I  stressing about that particular situation.” Instead of spending time eating away your stress or problems. Take time to exercise, it will provide an euphoria that will ease your mind, body and soul.

Live life to the fullest without so much WORRY

Don’t let stress take control of your life….Worry Less and Exercise More



With love and stress-free



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