No Excuses


I’m tired, I have so much work to do I just don’t feel like it today. There are so many reasons or should I say excuses we can use to not engage in physical activity. We have all found ourselves in these situations where we give into these excuses and we say no to physical activity or no to a healthy lifestyle. We all have goals, desires and areas we would like to be stronger at but we must first learn “No Excuses” when we adapt this behavior then we open the doors to getting where we want to be, achieving goals, being healthier.

We all can have an excuse of not working out or simply not doing things that will make us healthier but what makes us stronger is when we say NO to the excuses and we get up and achieve that task. We feel accomplished and feel like a better person. So how can you say NO to excuses?

How can you say NO to excuses?

Every time I feel the need to not get up in the morning to run or to workout,, I remember why am I doing what I am doing. As stated before remember what your WHY is. Why do you workout? Why are you wanting to be a healthier you? When you discover your WHY then days like the ones I have stated before become easier to say NO to excuses.


So where do you start from here? Discover your WHY and then say NO to those excuses



With love and no excuses,





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