Turning Doubt into Determination

So confession I am totally OCD about having everything planned out and if it isn’t planned then I just can not function. I am that person who has a plan for the plan for the plan….LOL….Make sense? I know it sounds totally crazy but I have always been the person who likes to play the safe route, anything outside my comfort zone I’m like WELL…………..maybe I will tackle that later. How many of you have felt this same way? I am hear to tell you that it is okay to step out of your comfort zone. So what if it doesn’t work then you readjust and either try again or go another route.

Often times it isn’t that the fitness goal is to hard to tackle it is the fact that our doubt is outweighing our determination, drive and will to go for it. We have the fear of failure or the fear of not succeeding. So what do I say to myself when have these moments? “Snap out of it FE”


So I am saying to you “Snap out of it”……..Don’t doubt your abilities, turn that doubt into determination. When I tackled my first crossfit games I threw doubt out of the door and used all of my energy towards the games and doing the best that I could do and guess what………….I DID IT!


Life is all about challenges we can either decide to look those challenges in the face and fight through it or we can run away from our challenges. I choose to look my challenge right in the face and say “I AM DETERMINED” to accomplish whatever goal that I have set forth to accomplish.

So let’s stop doubting that we can and start being DETERMINED that we WILL prevail!


With love and determination,



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