What defines STRENGTH?



Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months or even years where it just seems like you can’t get ahead or even get it together? I think we have all experienced these moments within our lifetime. So how do you cope with the stress of simply everyday life? How do you push yourself to continue to achieve goals despite adversary? Well let me tell you do I know all about this feeling.

Today I posted a post that said, “What defines STRENGTH?” Often times when you hear the word strength you think lifting weights or running fast or running a long race or completing an obstacle course. Well to me strength encompasses so much more. How do you truly define someone’s true strength? Strength to me is the ability to keep going and moving forward despite your stumbling blocks or adversary. Strength is when you say no to “I can’t” and speak the words “I can” Strength is when despite your circumstances you choose to embrace life full force with your head held high. Strength is for all of my Cancer, Domestic Violence Survivors and other survivors who said I am not going to let these defeat me, I will WIN. Strength is for all of my individuals suffering from depression who say finally NO to the feeling of unworthiness and bring on the feeling of SELF-WORTH. All of these things truly defines STRENGTH! So just because you can’t lift the same amount of weight the next person beside you doesn’t define your strength, how you take on this thing called LIFE is what truly defines your strength.

Felicia White Headshots 2015 WEB-9

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With love and STRENGTH,




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