Road to Recovery


So this weekend I had the honor of completing two half marathons, 2 different states and in 2 consecutive days. Whew…………I’m just tired just typing it. Some may ask what in the world were you thinking about when you signed up for that? Well, many of you know that I am training for my 2nd marathon, so in actuality pieces of this race were just a training run. Hey, 2 medals while doing marathon training is pretty good deal to me:).

So many people would imagine that I would probably be laid up somewhere not wanting to move or do anything today after completing two half marathons. In actuality I  did a 3 mile run and also a deload crossfit workout today. So many of you right now our probably like this chick right here is CRAZY. In some aspects I am…..just kidding:). The worst thing you can do for your body and muscles is to immediately sit down and become immobile after a race. Why is this? Because your body tends to become tighter after a workout or race if you just sit around and not do anything. So what do you do? Here is a step by step guide of a Road to Reovery regimen. This regimen may not work for everyone and you may have to modify it. This again goes back to the saying that each individual is unique; find what works for you and stick with it.

Road to Recovery



  1. Always, Always, Always walk around after you race before going to sit down. Park your car a little further from the finish line so that you can have just a nice walk after the race.
  2. Do a light stretch immediately after you race.  It doesn’t have to be strenuous but just nice comfortable. This will help the muscles to lengthen out and also teach the muscle to relax. Your muscles have already gone through trauma and small microtears during your intense workout so you don’t want to stretch your muscles intensely after that type of trauma.
  3. REFUEL. The nice thing about races is they give you nice snacks after you finish your run. That is awesome but you want to make sure you don’t get too hype and make sure you eat a well balanced meal within 2 hours after the race.
  4. Soak in Epsom salt or simply soak in hot water and then STRETCH. This is the time where you really focus on foam rolling, stretching. This should again be a nice comfortable stretch but you should hold each stretch longer (at least 1 minute each).
  5. REST (good night’s rest)

DAY after the RACE

  1. Now most people will say you need to go and REST and not do anything the day after a race.  Actually research has shown doing some light activity will help your muscles to recover quicker and bounce back. Now this doesn’t mean go out and just go crazy but a nice jog or walk to loosen up your legs can help the legs to recover quickly.
  2. Don’t forget about STRETCHING, you should still be stretching even though you are all done with your races doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need a stretch. Stretching helps with tightness of the muscle and also decrease soreness and increase flexibility.
  3. NUTRITION- refueling and nutrition should still be a priority. Proper amino acids and antioxidants (strawberries, blueberries) help to decrease soreness and inflammation in the body. Also limit the amount of processed food that you are eating. Processed food contains chemicals that can cause inflammation in your muscle tissue.
    1. Additional anti-inflammatory foods are: tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, salmon, nuts and of course fruits.
  4. Good nights REST- yes your body needs rest so try and make sure that you are getting adequate amount of rest in each night.

Why is the ROAD to RECOVERY so important? Recovery helps in decreasing injuries, allows you to bounce back quickly and overall makes our body feel GREAT~


With love and RECOVERY,




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