“Respect the Distance”


This blog was inspired by a good friend over the weekend as I tackled  my 2nd marathon and the hardest race that I have ever done. She made the comment that many people fail to “Respect the Distance” And that statement resonated with me because it is so true. Often times we look at what others are doing and we quickly say to ourselves you know I can do that too. We find ourselves saying If she did it then I know I can do it too. Why? We possess the attitude of either I can do  better or just simply with the attitude of yeah I Got this. Although we don’t realize or look at the process of what he/she has gone through to get to that point. We don’t take time out to really strategize the “What if?” We don’t take into consideration the amount of training that really goes behind covering that distance/miles. We just assume that if that person was able to do it then we can definitely do it too. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you can’t achieve those goals but what I am saying is that you MUST “Respect the Distance”, respect the process, the training behind the distance and the What if’s?

Why am I saying the What If’s?

We have all had those bad runs or simply the run that just was mentally draining. What did you do? Some of us just said, “Forget it, I’m going home”, while others said you know what I am out here and I am going to finish my run. So what do you do when this happens during the race, when your mind just can’t take it anymore or your body just simply says NO? What is your strategy? Do you even have one? Often times we complete 5ks and 10ks and we say you know what I survived with these races surely I can take on a half marathon or even a marathon. Again key phrase is Respect the Distance, each distance brings on new challenges whether it be the amount of distance you have to cover, the stress that it places on your body or the mental aspect of it. So back to the question what will you do when you are at mile 20 of the marathon and mentally you just can’t anymore? Or better yet what will you do if you are at mile 22 and you catch a side stitch and just can’t take it anymore do you stop do you push through? Now trust me I never like to play the “What if game” but I call it my strategy game. I train to the best of my ability but I also provide a strategy for when my body gets tired or the plan of doing intervals if I feel that body my needs the rest. I have trained my body in various processes and programs so that I have a “Go To” guide in the event a “What if” happens.

This may seem very discouraging…..

Some of you may think that this is very discouraging by no means is it meant to be. It is a reality check that when you tackle longer distances you have to prepare your body appropriately. You must respect the distance that you are diving into and develop a strategy for your race. A “Go TO” strategy that can allow you to still fulfill your dream of accomplishing the goal that you have set forth.  Don’t quit or give up on your goal but Plan, Strategize, Train and then Conquer that Goal.


With love,


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