Spotlight Monday

So in the month of November I wanted to do a spotlight series of all the wonderful ladies out there who I have either worked with or who I have encountered in my fitness journey who have overcome obstacles in their lives. These women have looked self doubt, fear, feeling of being defeated in the face and said I am not and will not let that discourage me from seeking and fulfilling my goals. So here is to all the women out there….Here is your Spotlight.



I didn’t let a little hip pain deter me from my goal…………………………………………………………



This beautiful woman right here decided she wanted to complete another half marathon but knew something wasn’t right with her body. After running a half marathon previously she was experiencing hip pain and eventually that hip pain began to bother her even after 6 miles. She confronted me and said I really want to PR my next race but I get hip pain after 6 miles of running. I knew all too well what that felt like as I have experienced hip pain in my life and it is very frustrating when you want to do something but injury is telling you otherwise. So we set out to conquer that goal;

  1. First thing was  working on finding the source of the problem and why she was experiencing hip pain.
  2. Then once we realize that it was muscle imbalance, flexibility issues and overall muscle weakness. I sought out to make her goal become a reality.

She worked hard each and every day even when she didn’t want to do the work she knew it would produce an outstanding outcome.  So that hard work paid off not only did she PR her half marathon this year by 9 minutes but did it pain free and feeling stronger than ever before. She is truly the epitome of a hardworking, fearless and  strong woman. She didn’t let the minor setback defeat her. She put her pride down and excepted the fact she was hurt and took care of business first. Then she back at it and did her thing. So proud of you Marilyn way to Rock it Out….You truly deserve the Spotlight!



Hard work pays off!


With love,



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