The Running BLUES




Have you ever finished a race and then a day or two later you just felt like you had the Blues? Or have you ever finished a race and just felt like UGH I could have done better? Have you ever just felt sad after the excitement went away from completing a race? If you said YES to any of these questions then you have experienced the Running BLUES.

I never thought there was ever a such thing as feeling sad or having the blues after running a race until I experienced it myself. I had just completed two marathons and had qualified for marathon maniac…..That’s huge, so you would think I would be SUPER excited. Well……….I was for a moment and then the next day came and I just was sad didn’t understand why I was sad I had completed something BIG. Anyone who would have completed something to this magnitude would be SUPER excited…Right?

So why the Running BLUES?

This isn’t necessary a bad thing, many of us have gone through it or some will face it at some point of our lives. Runners experience the BLUES for various reasons. Some may experience it because they feel like there time wasn’t good enough(So not satisfied with their performance), others may experience it because the training portion of preparing consumed their lives and now what do you do?  You may not know what to do or what should be next since you have completed that goal or task. No more early morning runs or late evening runs. No more Long runs that consumed your life. You actually have free time to do whatever but sometimes that quick transition from doing so much to doing so little can put you into the BLUES.

So what do you do?

  1. Figure out what has you so down? Is it the race itself or is it the fact that the race is over and you now have free time (no aspiration)
  2. Take this time and spend it with your family…..They typically suffer from time away during your training season.
  3. Revisit tasks that you were not able to do while you were training
  4. Create new Goals, New Aspirations
  5. Try something NEW, this is a perfect opportunity to take those swimming lessons you have put off for so long or to do some weightlifting you always said you wanted to do
  6. Enjoy this REST time……During Training season you are typically on the go all day long. Take time to take care of YOU (Pamper yourself)

Running Blues can hit some of us after completing a RACE; the key is to learn how to get out of the BLUES state. However if none of the steps that I listed helps and you feel that you are diving deep into depression….Seek additional medical help. Running can bring so much joy and happiness in our lives and often times not running can do the opposite and present sadness. Learn how to stay clear of the Running Blues.


“SAY No to Running Blues”




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