Why should I stop posting my FITNESS JOURNEY?



So this has been an ongoing topic where people on social media say they are tired of individuals posting their fitness goals, accomplishments and successes. So why should this be an issue? I am simply baffled by this because we should be happy to see our love ones, friends and other individuals taking care of their lives and really living a healthier lifestyle but yet we get mad if they post an accomplishment. Shouldn’t we be excited that they made an accomplishment or that they decided to take the journey into healthiness? Apparently to some it is an overabundance and frowned upon. So what do you do when you have love ones, friends, acquaintances that say they are tired of your fitness post? What do I do?


It’s simple if someone doesn’t like me posting about my fitness journey then I tell them that they can choose to not follow me or delete me; so that they do not have to see my post. Why do I post? I post because I was once that female who was overweight, unhealthy and living a life of self destruction. So to see where I have come from and to celebrate my accomplishments is huge. I also realize that I am not the only one who had this battle or who is going through this battle right now. I’ve had individuals tell me before that they were inspired by my post; it simply made them want to go out and accomplish that goal or simply to live a healthier lifestyle. So when I get messages like this it not only makes me excited but also encourages me to post more of my fitness journey (the good, the bad, the successful moments) So to my individuals who are afraid to post their accomplishments or fitness journey, “Don’t Be” you never know who is out there watching you and who you are encouraging. Live out Loud and Inspire someone else to live a healthier lifestyle.




Don’t stop posting!!!!!!!




2 thoughts on “Why should I stop posting my FITNESS JOURNEY?

  1. Keep posting your accomplishments!!! I agree you can definitely be an inspiration for those who are trying to achieve their fitness goals. I am also hoping to inspire others as well sharing my fitness journey. I will be following you. Keep up the great work!


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