Living In The Moment


Often times I will write personal blogs about my life and my struggles in hope to help others who are going through and who have went through the same struggles as me. So here goes………..

It’s the last week of 2015 and many of us are making New Years Resolution and others are making what we call simple Goals of what we would like to accomplish. So I took the opportunity to sit down and think about some personal goals that I would like to accomplish in the year of 2016. I have two really good friends who I call my AP’s (accountability partners) who help me stay on track and who are were really my saving grace during my deepest and dark time of my life. When I was going through a dark moment of my life through severe depression these two friends were my strength, my confidant, my wake up call person and my get your tail out of bed person. Without their guidance and their prayers I would not be where I am today. I am forever grateful to them. So during this process of my depression I have encountered and met so many people who have been an inspiration in my life and helped me to learn that life is short and that we must just LIVE. A special friend that I will continuously tell them that they gave me LIFE. You don’t realize how precious life is until you realize that one day it could all be gone just like that. So each day I am presented with a new day, new chance to LIVE.


So I presented my Accountability Partners with this A,B,C. and 1,2,3 list and they were literally like what in the world girl; this is way too much. Of course I am like what……….(hahahaha) So when they really ask me what do you want to accomplish? I said well I want to be more confident, be fearless and be free from anxiety and stress. They both said why don’t you just make a goal of Living in the Moment. At the time I was like WHAT? but then as I really thought about it; it made sense. I thought to myself I never really Lived in the Moment. Now I must say and I am a planner, I have a plan B, C,D, E all the way to Z plan. But I never really took the time to really LIVE.

Don’t be Trapped in the SAFETY BOX


As I have stated before that I use to live in this box (imaginary), a box of safety, a box of fear; not willing to step out of the box afraid of what would happen, afraid of making a mistake, afraid of embracing who I truly was. Who wants to live like that? The greatest inventor didn’t become famous because he/she stayed in the box of safety. They took that plunged and they LIVED no matter what happened at least they could say that they TRIED. They took that plunged and attempted; they LIVED.




How many can say that they go through life and JUST LIVE? I couldn’t say this, I didn’t try things that I was unsure of the outcome. I only did things that I knew that I could have a plan for. I was this bright young girl with so many ideas, plans, aspirations that was entrapped in me because I was afraid of just LIVING. Afraid of what others would say or afraid of the big word called FAILURE. So what if I fail? It is not that we fail it just means we find other ways of making it happened. So I am telling you, stop stressing about what may happen and just let it happen. Stop worrying about what may go wrong and just do it. Just Live! So my new motto and my new saying is to JUST LIVE.






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