It’s not just a Resolution, It’s a Lifestyle


So it’s a new year, 2016, and many people have already planned their New Year’s Resolution. But how many people actually stick with their resolution? How many start off strong and then begin to slip away around February and March? The gyms are packed with individuals who are determined that they will conquer that New Year’s Resolution this year. Believe it or not I was once that same way…I would make all of these resolutions and once I failed then I was sad, depressed, felt defeated that I didn’t conquer my New Year’s Resolution. So why even create resolutions?

Why create New Year’s Resolutions?

Why do we even create resolutions? Is is to hold us accountable in fulfilling that resolution? Does it really hold us accountable? Resolution is a promise of doing some form of good act or self improvement. But why do we have to wait until the New Year to create these promises? Often times we put so much high demand on ourselves when we create these promises and we don’t fulfill them.

Make it a lifestyle not a Resolution


Have you ever thought about creating goals versus resolutions?  When you create goals then you are working towards that resolution. Goals make your resolution become an achievable task versus a headache. In addition, when we create goals we are teaching our bodies that this is the way our lifestyle should be. We are adopting a lifestyle behavior versus just a promise to lose 50 lbs because what happens when you don’t lose that 50 lbs? What are your next steps? This is where goals are important because your goals will help you continue to stay on the right path of healthiness despite our downfalls.

So let’s stop looking at the New Year as just  a Resolution but let’s start looking at it by focusing on developing a healthy lifestyle through taking small steps. One step at a time, One day at a time.


Let’s create a Healthy Lifestyle





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