One Step at a TIME


We have all done it before we get anxious we get in a hurry. I always like to use my girls for an example when they really want something then they will continuous ask over and over again. Just the other week my youngest daughter was so excited about going to the daddy/daughter dance she asked everyday, every hour, every second that she couldn’t stay on task because she was so anxious to get to the the day of the daddy/daughter dance. We are just like my daughter we get so caught up in the end result…I want to run a marathon….that we forget the process that it will take to get there. We want to rush our training, we want to take shortcuts, we want to multitask in hopes that it will get us closer to our goal but it doesn’t. We end up forgetting certain task that are involved in the process, we can’t really perfect our skills because we are focusing on too many things at one time.

So what happens when we focus on too many TASKS?

So some of you may say so what if I do more it works for me. That definitely may be the case but what happens is your body can only take so much multitasking until it gets to the point where it will  begin to break down and you will get burned out. When that process occurs then you end of slowing down or simply stopping which has pushed you back as well. So in saying all of this if you just simply take one step at a time then you will find out that you will come out more successful because you are able to put full focus on the task at hand. You can then really put your efforts into that one task. You will feel more invigorated, excited and full of life. So take time out from the hustle and rushing of life and multitasking and simply take each day at a time, One step at a time.


With love and patience



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