Letting Go


Wow what a powerful meditation on the other day. I so needed that, I am a culprit for not letting things go. I am learning each and everyday that holding things inside doesn’t help the situation it actually makes it worse. When you hold so much inside it blocks you from progress, it blocks your blessing. When you let go of things it allows you to move forward to do better to invest in you. I can apply this to all parts of my life from personal to career and also fitness.

Why You Should Really Work on Letting Go

Letting go has so many benefits to it:

  • It allows you to become a better person
    • because you are putting the past behind you 
  • It also allows you to be more effective
    • because you are not focusing on the past
  • It helps you become a better you
    • because you are investing in the Here and Now the NEW YOU

 You  have so much inside of you wanting to come out but if you  keep blocking it by living in the past then it will never reach the surface. Once we let go of the past we can look towards the future. Your future is so bright and waiting to shine through but You have to let it shine through by taking the first step in letting it shine through by simply LETTING GO! Living, Loving the new YOU!



With Love and Letting Go,



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