How to stay motivated during an INJURY



So some of us have been there before where we have an injury that has caused us to be sidelined. I had this experience several weeks ago where I suffered from an rib strain injury. Now let me tell you all the different forms of activity that I typically do. I run, do crossfit, yoga, sometimes african dance, swimming lessons, bike and engage in other fitness activities. I was told that I couldn’t do any of the above. So imagine my face, my mouth drop as I didn’t know what in the world I was going to with myself. I was so afraid that I was going to go into a depressed state of just sadness and sorrow that the very thing that makes me happy I couldn’t do anymore. So how did I last? Here is how


5 Steps of staying SANE through an INJURY

  1. You have more time available so really put that time towards something else. I focused on really meditating.
  2. Focus on healing. It is important that you follow the doctor orders and really focus on getting better. So this would mean doing the things that the doctor order you to do, whether it is icing, heating, taking meds or doing rehabilitation.
  3. Focus on your nutrition. People are often mislead and don’t truly understand the importance of nutrition not only for weight loss but also from a injury perspective. How you eat can determine how fast you will recover from an injury.
  4. Spend time with family, friends and love ones who often get pushed over to the side when you are truly training for an event or race.
  5. Most importantly focus on the overall healthy state, mind body and soul. So this is the time that you really look at your healthy lifestyle, where are there areas that I need to improve on, what am I going to do. Rewrite goals that not only include fitness but also some mental, and spiritual goals. When you begin to incorporate overall wellness into your healthy lifestyle you are not just focus on your body but also focus on mind and soul.

Injuries can cause so much disheartening to you and can be very difficult to stay focused on your healthy journey but you can overcome these hard times. It really takes developing a positive mindset and focusing your mind on becoming a healthier YOU.



With love



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