Slow Down……..



I am so bad about this but I will see other people post of different races and different events that they have done and I get excited too. I am like wow I want to do that race, that event, that meet. Then when reality hits I am like wow what was I thinking, did I really just do that. So we all do it, we all get in the hype, we all see other peoples accomplishments and say you know what I can do that too. Now hear me out before you start to really growl at me there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve all of those things but we must realize that we are each unique. Our bodies are not all meant to function the same way. What may come easy for one person may not come easy for you. What may come easy to you may not come easy to the next person. So what are you saying Felicia? I am saying that you should first know your WHY’s

  • Why are you doing that particular race or event?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • Is your why just because someone else is doing?

When you really understand your why then you will put that amount of effort in doing the race and event. When you really don’t appreciate your Why’s then you are just doing things just to be doing them and what kind of excitement is that, what fulfillment do you get out of that. I believe everyone should chase after their dreams, they should explore and they should try things that they have never tried before. I also believe that we should be mythological of how we go about doing it. Do it because you want to not because someone else wants you to.  Do it because it is your WHY



With love,



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