Mind, Body and Soul




So this month leading up to my race season I decided I wanted to take my preparation to another level. I wanted to really not only focus on my physical aspect but I also wanted to focus on my mental and spiritual aspect. So I have created 30 days of mind, body and soul tools and tips. I am guilty of never taking time out of my day to really sit down and reflect on my day or reflect on the good things that I have done for the day. Often times we spend so much time on what we should have done versus what we actually accomplish.

I remember taking swimming lessons and getting very frustrated because I felt like I wasted my time working on perfecting my bubble skills:) But instead of looking at this situation in that aspect I should look at that situation and say, ” You know today I didn’t do more than bubble blowing but I did get into the pool and learned how to be comfortable in the pool. This imagery is a mental aspect no so much focusing on the negatives but really focusing  on the positives.

So if you are really want to take your level of fitness past just the physical aspect really incorporate activities and task that focus on your mental and spiritual aspect. The more we calm the mind and renew the heart and soul the more we become the better person we should be.





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