This picture says it all of how I felt that day, even though this was such a tough competition for me and even though I didn’t place on that podium, I felt like the Big FREAKING Deal on that day.  I felt like wow Felicia you have accomplished something great on today.

Have you ever done a workout or completed a race that you just thought you couldn’t do and you feel like, WOW I am the Big FREAKING Deal right now but so afraid to really brag or celebrate yourself. Well I am here to tell you that any thing you have accomplished that you have worked hard in accomplishing it you ARE the BIG FREAKING DEAL. Often times we spend so much time celebrating others, lifting other people up that we forget about ourselves. We forget what we have accomplished or forget that we are the BIG FREAKING DEAL. We take time to acknowledge the accomplishments of others but never say to ourselves WOW look what I just did. So I am telling all of you that YOU are the FREAKING DEAL. Stop waiting for others to validate your accomplishments and you start validating it for yourself. Start telling yourself how great of a job you have done.  And where does it all start, it start with saying you are the BIG FREAKING DEAL. #BOOM  #BEAST



With love,



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