You alone are enough




Wow what an awesome day today. I was able to spend it with some powerful women of all different backgrounds that shared one common goal of Health, Fitness and Body Positivity. We were able to speak to some wonderful women and just sat and spoke about the concerns that we as women face each and everyday.

I was able to tell my story, some know that I suffered severely from depression and anxiety. The feeling of unworthiness, the feeling of no self confidence, low self esteem. What changed about me? I surrounded myself with a great support system, I learned how to love me for me, I took people out of my life that brought negativity, I learned that it is okay to just be me. Most importantly I learn that I was enough and than I had nothing to prove to anybody.

Often times as women we spend so much time trying to please others, trying to do for others, trying to nurture others but yet we forget about ourselves. We forget that we need to be nurtured. It is the same as aspect as a flower. When you put the seed into the ground you have to then water it, feed it nutrients to help allow it to grow. It is the same with our lives. We have to nurture ourselves, we have to tend to our needs, nurture our bodies, nurture our minds, nurture our spirit to help allow us to grow. When you stop nurturing that is when that beautiful flower starts to wither away. When we stop nurturing ourselves that is when depression starts, overeating occurs, under-eating occurs, sickness and other issues began to arise.

So how do we grow? We grow by taking time for ourselves. We grow by loving ourselves for who we are. We grow by being unapologetic with who we are. We grow by knowing that we are enough. We grow by not living by other peoples expectations. We grow by Just Being the Best Version of Ourselves. So stop apologizing for who you are. Stop feeling bad about how you look today. Stop covering up the curves, the stretch marks, the beautiful skin that you posses. Start loving who you are today, start embracing who you are at this moment. start being the best version of yourself each and everyday. Strive to live a healthy lifestyle because you love yourself. Stop trying to be in comparison with everyone else and start realizing that your beauty is like no other. There is no other person like you. You are beautiful, you are powerful, you are fierce, you are unique, you are special and most importantly you are ENOUGH.

With love


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