Create Your Own Happiness




So during my yoga practice and meditation on yesterday I really sat down and looked up at a new candle that I bought from store and said WOW that word is saying alot to me right now. What was written on the candle jar was the word “Happiness”  and underneath it stated, “The state of being happy, good fortune, pleasure, contentment.”  As I was beginning my meditation I said to myself, Wow Fe that is saying alot.

Create Your Own Happiness

Often times we seek out for happiness from others or we are seeking Happiness by doing things that others are doing hoping that it will create happiness in us. We must find our own happiness, create our own happiness. How do you create your happiness? Finding the things in our lives that make us happy, finding people who bring out the happiness in us. Being content with who we are, who we have become and who we are destined to be.


So how do you Create Your Own Happiness?

  1. Let go– Let go of pain, hurt or mishaps that may have occurred in your life. Let go of the past. Be present with yourself, the here and now.
  2. Embrace You– Embrace your flaws, embrace you imperfectly perfect self, embrance who you are and be comfortable in the skin you are in
  3. Acceptance– Once you have embrace those flaws, accept them, accept who you are on this day. Don’t look to far forward focus on the here and now and accept that person.
  4. Be open– Be open to try new things, be open to change, be open to let others see the true you.
  5. Be willing to come apart– be willing to show your flaws, know that it is okay to not be perfect, know that it is okay to not have all of the answers
  6. Be Imperfectly Perfect- be imperfect, be okay with not being perfect, embrace your flaws
  7. Have fun-live life free, with laughter and fun, what is life if you are constantly sad, angry, stress and simply not having fun.
  8. Look at who is in your Circle– surround yourself with likeminded people, surround yourself with people who motivate you, people who you can motivate and people who are on the same level as you.
  9. Love– Love the skin you are in, love your flaws, love yourself
  10. Live– Lastly simply live, you only get one life…LIVE IT

So how can you be HAPPY, you must first create Happiness in your life. You are the key holder in your HAPPINESS…. So go out create your HAPPINESS.





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