ROADBLOCKS….We all have them



As I went through this week thought about this week and thought about the craziness of my upcoming race season, competition season, working a full time job and now doing all of this as a single parent.  I began to panic and think in my head like Felicia the things you are getting ready to tackle are off the charts. Then I said to myself, “Felicia, how will you accomplish these things if you are already thinking negative?

So I began to think and speak positivity as I faced this challenge of my upcoming race I began to think about fitness. Often times in our fitness journey when things seem too far fetch or that goal you set seems like its impossible. We have to develop a mindset that “I can I will” realizing that there will be stumbling blocks along this fitness journey. We must trust and understand that despite the roadblocks that may occur “Speak Positivity” Believe that you will Achieve!

How do you get over that Roadblock?

1. SHAKE IT OFF.…….. So some of you may know the popular song by Taylor Swift but I apply this song to my fitness journey and roadblocks that come my way. We all have them, don’t feel like you are all alone when it comes to roadblocks, troubles, disappointments. When it comes your way you have to dust yourself off or shall I say “Shake it off” Don’t let that roadblock or disappointment take over your life, your mindset.

2. REFOCUS.………. So you get stopped by a roadblock while driving somewhere do you just sit there hoping that the roadblock will just move or do you find another way to get around? So take your life the same way instead of just sitting there and sobbing over the roadblock get yourself back on track. Refocus your goals and find another way to fulfill that goal or to get back on track.

3. PLAN OF ATTACK.……..Often times when we come upon a roadblock we look for a detour to help get us back on track in the right direction. We sometimes google or we phone someone to ask how we can get around that roadblock. So our lives is the same way, you come upon a roadblock instead of wallowing in our sorrow we must create a plan of attack. We may have to recreate or redevelop your fitness plan/goal but that is okay whatever it takes to get back on track.

4. ATTACK…………….So using the car situation again once you find a new route or guide to get around that roadblock; what do you do? You turn around and go that way………you attack. The same aspect in our fitness journey; when we stumble over a roadblock and we take all the measures we need to take then we must ATTACK to tackle that goal.

Roadblocks…..we all have them, we all either choose to let the roadblock take control over our lives or we choose to tackle them. I am here to tell you don’t let that stumbling block stop you from achieving your goals follow these four steps each time you come upon a challenge or roadblock. Your final result should be to ATTACK! Don’t let Roadblocks stop you from achieving your goals and aspiration…..Keep Fighting, Keep Attacking, Keep Reaching….Go for the GOLD!


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