So I am embarking on something new, something creative, something inspiring, something just damn different. I am blogging every damn day. So why am I doing this well just because I can. No seriously, it is simply just in hopes to inspire others through my day to day battles, my triumphs, my mishaps, my craziness. We all have a story and how can we help others if we never tell our story.

So here goes

I absolutely love new months because for me it is a fresh start to be better, do better and to be a Better Version of Me. So each month I always really think of some goals, aspirations, mantras that I will have for that month. Well this month was all about letting my voice be heard, creating creativity in my life. This was inspired through an awesome meditation group that I’m apart of which is Enlighten Yoga. Our focus this month is on creativity; creating this in your life. So what best way to do that than to write about, to discuss it. So in the month of September I will be writing and blogging everyday. What will you get? Who but very informal. I am so excited to even embark on this and can’t wait to get others involved as well.

So about today

So as usual my day always starts super crazy. Why is that? Well let me tell you about my job that I love. I take care of athletes and physically active individuals.I help keep them healthy and also achieving their goals. In addition, I am a professor at an University where I teach students how to be healthy and also how to help others be healthy. So as you can tell I stay very busy. So today I took time out to just practice my meditation. I decided this month is all about creativity in my mm life so what better way to start this than to practice yoga outside during my lunch break.



This meditation was just what I needed for the start of September…Why is that? Well stay tuned to learn “How to grow your garden?”

Well  here is to 30 days of #bloggingeverydamnday

Follow me during my journey, during my fitness,during my single parenthood, during my craziness but yet rewarding life.


Let’s Go



With creativity,


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