How Do You Grow Your Garden?

So I used to be a gardener and absolutely loved planting and growing my veggies, fruits and spices. This was my meditation, my relaxation, my get away from life thing to do. Now I know already you are probably like is she really getting ready to speak to us about gardening. Of course not, as I was sitting down the other day and making a list of everything that needed to be done to the house I remembered the times that I spent tending to my garden.


As I was standing outside in the rain looking at one of my garden beds I look at how bad of shape it was in. I began to think about life as our garden. As I looked at the dirt and the weeds that were poking out through the dirt. I realize that this is our lives, no matter how much you may exercise, you may eat healthy or engage in other physically active things. If we don’t take time to clean our garden, what lies inside of us, the hurt, the pain, the disappointments, the I can’t. These are the weeds that are sticking up ruining our garden from being complete.  Once we remove these weeds, these skeletons that lie within us then we can begin to build, to plant, to grow our garden.


Stop waiting for the weeds to just wither and die. Stop waiting for that very thing to just disappear in our lives. Start cleaning house, start pulling those weeds out of the garden. Start seeding, rebuilding, planting for success.


So how do you grow a Garden?

You get rid of all of the weeds and other toxins that are preventing your garden from growing.


With love and growth,



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