You Inspire Me




Wow that says so much to me. As I was thinking back throughout this year and everything that I have endured, the accomplishments I have made, the setbacks. I realized one thing that hey Felicia you have inspired someone out there. When there were times where I felt as if I was at my lowest and felt like, “How could I be inspiring to others when I was going through so much or when I was down and out?” But what I remembered is that Felicia there is someone else out there going through the same thing you are going through, there is someone out there who is struggle with finding out who they are, there is someone out there that is not happy with who they are, there is someone out there who is battling depression, there is someone out there who is battling fitness and everything involved with the healthy lifestyle. So I stopped wallowing in my sorrows and allowed others to follow me through my journey, I allowed others to follow my paths of good days, bad days, my triumphs, my struggles. You can ask my close friends this that there was a point in time where I would just let it all out to them, I focused on my negatives, i focused on what was bad in my life versus what was good in my life. Then it began to click in my head I began to focused on the positives, ‘Did negativity come into my life?’ heck yes but with great friends and others I was quickly redirected to the positives.

I had someone awhile ago say to me; “Felicia your post are so positive, I love your positive energy.” At that moment when that individual said that I realized hey girl you are inspiring someone keep telling your story, keep posting, keep blogging, keep doing what you do. I was full of tears the other day when one of my trainees wrote a heartfelt post about what BeYOUnique meant to her and how it changed her life. It was then when I realized that Felicia there is more to BeYOUnique than you even know it. There is more to the Strong Body, Strong Mind and Strong Spirit than you even know it. There is someone out there that needs it, needs you, so go out and do what you do best which is inspire others.

So what does all this mean?

Even if you feel like your story is bad or you feel like you are struggling in your fitness journey or in your overall journey of a healthy lifestyle don’t stop sharing, don’t stop telling others your story. You never know who you are inspiring, who is going through the same thing that you are going through that just needs someone else to say I know your pain, I know what it feels like, I know the struggles and this is how I am handling and coping with it.

So no matter what you are facing at this moment realize that you are inspiring someone out there so don’t stop telling your story.

With love,


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