Show Up




Have you ever had that time where you were really trying to work hard for something and it just seemed like everything just kept getting in the way of you accomplishing it? I have too. Often times in our lives the very thing we are trying to accomplish just seems so complex and so out of reach that we just give up, we just throw in the towel. Why? Because we just get tired of trying.

Real Talk

I have gone through many situations like this. Just this week I was so excited to work towards this fitness/personal goal and had a perfect opportunity to really progress more towards this goal. And then life happened, something got in the way. I was like really, am I ever going to get to this goal? Am I ever going to complete this task? Why am I even trying? Maybe this isn’t for me? All of these are common questions to have and questions that we all have said at one point in our life.

How did I deal with it?

I decided to Show Up in my day. I decided to live life even despite what had occurred. I decided to continue to smile, to continue to Be a YES. Be a Yes even when you feel like it is not going to happen, or it just doesn’t seem like it’s for me. Show Up! You will surprise yourself on what may come of that situation, doors that may open in the process, relationships that may develop in that process, bigger and better goals that are achieved in that process.

What am I saying?

Despite what happens in your life, wake up each day with an attitude of just showing up. Show Up and watch how things will begin to unravel. Show Up and watch how it shows up in your life both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Live everyday with the attitude of gratitude despite what may occur on that day, to continue to SHOW UP!


Show Up

With love,


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