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So in my journal yesterday I wrote about being Thankful. Often times we get in the hustle of life and in the worries of where we are not at. What can we do to improve? How much can I increase my training to get better? How much more can I change to be better? However, what we tend to forget is to just enjoy the moment that we are in…to celebrate the Here and NOW. We forget to be thankful for the journey that we have come through. We get so wrapped up into RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love RESULTS but often times when I am stressing more then I tend  to not get that PR that I have been working on. When I place less stress on my self and celebrate the Here and NOW then the results come.

How to be Thankful and Celebrate You!


So you have always heard don’t look in the past look towards the future. Well sometimes it is good to look in the past because the past helps you to realize how far you have come in your life. When you are able to look back and see how far you have progress it helps you to be THANKFUL. Often times we don’t realize how far we have come until we are reminded of our future.

So the next time you are in the state of being sad or upset at an accomplishment you didn’t meet or just simply feeling sad about not getting better. Realize you are better, stronger and a NEW YOU. Take time to look back and see how far you have come and just simply reflect on that and it will truly help you to be THANKFUL.



With love and thankfulness,



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