Get out of your HEAD!!!



How many times have you missed an exit or a turn because your mind was somewhere else? Or how many times have you forgot where you were going because you were thinking so hard or in your thoughts? I had that moment today actually, I missed my turn twice because I was in my thoughts thinking of the “What if’s” the “if I could do things differently I would”. Did that change my situation? Did it make things better? Actually no. Then I realized, you know what, while I’m so in my head thinking of the “What if’s” then I missed out on the ” What is” that was happening.

So what am I saying?

Stop being so caught up in the “What if’s” the “I should have” and just LIVE. In fitness we can beat ourselves up so bad because of not meeting a goal or thinking; “Well what if I don’t get that goal or that PR time?” I have realized in my fitness journey the less time I spend focusing on the “What if’s” the more the “What is” began to show up in my life. The more the goals were met because I was focused on what I can do in the here and now, at this moment versus focus on the what I should have done or what I could do. So stop stunting your strength, get out of your HEAD. Start living in the Here and Now and watch how you achieve those goals.

With love


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