The feeling of the “UNKNOWN”


“The Unknown”

Have you ever said that you really wanted to do something but you just couldn’t do it? You couldn’t do it because you were afraid of what it would look like? Or what you would look like? How could you pull it off? What if you fail? What if you find out you are not good at it? We have all had these feelings of “What if” and that awkward feeling of what I call the “unknown”

I have always been that type of person where I constantly stayed in my comfort zone. I stayed in the things that I felt comfortable doing, the things that I knew I was good at. What I was afraid to do were the things that I really had no clue of what it would look like. The things that I thought I wasn’t necessary good at, at least at that moment. The things that I felt was unknown to what it would look like.


“Be willing to step out of your comfort zone”


I had an experience earlier this week where I have been waiting forever to practice my skills that I had learned in assisting training at Yoga One. I learned these skills about a month and half ago but due to injury and just life I hadn’t practiced the techniques and skills. Well, why did it take me so long? Honestly, it took me a long time not just because of my injury or just life but because it was new, different, out of my comfort zone. I was so afraid of messing up, so afraid of what I would like, so afraid of how others would perceive me, so afraid of just the unknown. Finally, I shook myself and said, “Fe, how will you find out if you are good at something or if something is within your purpose if you never try?” How do dreams come true if you never even attempt to try it? So on this past Monday I said, “Be a YES” go out and “JUST DO” Stop worrying about what you are going to look like, stop worrying about what others may say, stop being afraid of messing up. So what if you mess up, get up and try again. So what if you fail, get up and try again. We can not reach our full potential if we never take those chances and if we never say YES.


So I say to you, “Stop living in that safe box, stop living in your comfort zone, step out of the box, step out and “JUST DO”. Be a YES



Go out and Take on the UNKNOWN


With love,



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