Keep Moving Forward

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Often times we face roadblocks, we have things that just seem to get in our way of achieving whatever goal that we are trying to achieve. Well let me tell you I have had plenty of those days that have occurred. But one thing that I have learned from everything that has occurred is that it is the roadblocks that have made me who I am today. Without the roadblocks I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today. I think of it as if I am driving. So you know when you have one of those days where you are trying to go somewhere and you get this big sign that says…Roadblock. So you grouch and complain and you get mad because it is always when you are trying to go somewhere…lol But wait you look ahead and  you think you see a sign that says detour; “So what do we do?” we take the detour. Typically that detour will either put you back on that road but farther down the road or it will lead you into a different direction. I look at the same scenario and relate it to my life. I have had many roadblocks but I feel like that each roadblock was a lesson. It either taught me that I didn’t even need to go in that direction because it wasn’t for me or it taught me that I wasn’t ready at that time to face that road. I needed to do other things first and then I would be able to to get back on track. So just because you have roadblocks doesn’t mean your life is over or that you will not achieve that goal you have always wanted to achieve. It just means that there is something else that is waiting for you, something else bigger, better, more equipped to meet your needs. Whatever you do, no matter how many roadblocks come in your way, Keep Moving Forward.



With love



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