Page 1 of 365 Days




Today marks the first day of the year, the first page in your 365 days of the book of life for this year. What will you write? What did you write for on your first page? What will you challenge yourself to do, to be in these pages? Will you paint this book full of color or will it be blank? Today is the day, once this page turns then you can go back but it will not be the same, the page will not feel the same, the memories placed in it will not be the same. I challenge to not wait until you get half way in the middle of your 365 day book to write something. Start today, start making that book colorful, full of life, full of hope, full of possibility, full of passion. Does it take the page to be full to be full of life? No it takes the willingness to just be, to just do, to just show up as YOU! So here is to a book full of color, full of magic, full of possibility, full of happiness, full of joy, full of creativity, full of the best of version of YOU!


So let the writing begin, let the imagination begin. Here is to the BEST of VERSION OF YOU!





With Love,



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