Dream Really FREAKING Big


So as I am embarking on the hardest thing that I have ever faced I am reminded of these statements…”Dream Really FREAKING Big” and “If you can Dream it you can do it.” What would life be like if we never dreamed BIG, if we never took chances, if we never tried something new? It would be very boring, we wouldn’t learn what our full potential is. We would become stagnant, fearful, never trying anything new. I have come to the realization that I don’t want my life to be that way. I want to live out loud. I want to dream really, really, really FREAKING Big. So big that it can be scary but yet exciting. I don’t want to sell myself short of accomplishing goals or realizing my full potential. Does it require you to step outside that box? Heck YEAH. But that is the whole point, it is time to stop playing things safe, to stop living within your comfort zone. It is time to explore, time to create BIG MAGIC.


So what do I plan to do in 2017?

I plan to live out loud, I plan to dream really FREAKING big, I plan to step outside the comfort zone and the safe box. Why, might you ask? Because I want to live at my fullest potential, I want to live each and everyday out loud, fearless, bold and strong.


So here is to a year of dreaming BIG, being BIG, doing BIG and just creating BIG MAGIC

There is room for everyone so join in….Today is your day…START NOW…..No dream is too big






With love and magic



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