I AM Transforming


Wow these words mean a lot, it reminds me of the movie, “The transformers.” How they would transform into these big time cars, fancy, extravagant cars fully armed and ready. That is how I feel about life. We can either choose to remain the same, stagnant, complacent or we can choose to transform. We can transform into a better version of ourselves or we can transform in the opposite direction. We each have a choice each and everyday. We can either choose to be better, to stay the same or to digress. What we choose will determine who we will become. Whether or not it is for that today, tomorrow or future. The decisions today will  not only effect us today but will effect who we will become, our future self. So choose wisely, choose for you, choose to be a Better Version of You, choose to transform into a New and Improve You, choose Love, Love for yourself. So how am I transforming. Each and everyday I make a choice to be Better, to do Better, to Love me more, to do things that uplift me. The most important thing I do each and everyday is I choose ME each and for that reason I am TRANSFORMING.




With Love and Transformation,





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