Curacao and “The Big Magic”


So this past weekend I was really able to venture out in the island of Curacao. This is my second time visiting this beautiful island and it is simply an amazing  island and experience. I started reading the book titled Big Magic about a month ago, reading this book has really allowed me to think about my life, my fears, my loves, my creativity.  I’ve always wanted to tap into my creativity but have lacked it because of the fear of being accepted. I think I’ve strive for so long to be who I thought that others wanted me to be, who I thought that others saw me as. In going through these stages of my life it allowed me to develop the concept of BeYounique because I realized even in myself that I am and  everyone is Unique. We should strive each and everyday to BE YOU not someone else or be who someone else thinks you should be but Be your authentic self. Be Bold, Be Brave, Be fearless simply Be You.. We should strive to be.. Be strong, Be Bold, Be You, Be unique… Be Younique…..

This beautiful island has shown me the diversity but yet authencity in each individual. I’ve learned when you finally tap into your authentic self that is when the magic happens, it’s when You become bold in who you are it’s when you become unique, when I become unique. So watch out world … it’s time for you to Beyounique



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