Keep Showing Up



So it is that time of year that many of us fall off. Some fall off because of life itself or fall off due to lack of motivation and some may fall off due to not seeing any results.

What happens when we don’t see results?

We get frustrated, we feel like we are doing something wrong, we think it is our fault that we are not getting the results. Well I am here to tell you it happens, things happen and life happens. Just because you can’t see the results right now doesn’t mean it will never happen. Ask anyone who has either done a crossfit competition, weightlifting competition, ran a race, or any type of  figure competitive show. They didn’t just get there in one day, they didn’t just get there out of pure luck. They got there from all the sweat, tears, frustrations, the “I am done” attitude but not done and the countless hours spent on improving themselves.  So what, you may say? I am saying all of this to say that RESULTS don’t happen over night, the change will not happen just like that. It takes time, perseverance, determination, will, drive, self-motivation, sweat and more. Despite what you may be feeling or despite if you feel like it is useless, pointless, or that you are going no where. You are….You are finally doing something good for YOU. You are finally taking time for YOU. So no matter how hard it may get or how frustrated you may get…Keep Showing Up.

You showing up for YOU each and everyday will show, it will pay off, you will be happy that you finally said NO to frustration, No to doubt, No to fear, No to the naysayers and Yes to YOURSELF.


Say YES to yourself and Keep Showing Up




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