Wow such a big word with a big meaning..I can tell you one thing that it is so difficult to live in today’s time. Why you might ask? Its so demanding to look a certain way, to be a certain way, to act a certain way. Some people strive to look the way that society suggest of how we look. If the magazine says that a size 0 is the popular thing then some people will strive to get into that size 0 because that is what is considered to be beautiful. Society doesn’t look at the package of the individual but what the outward appearance looks like. This has caused so many people to not accept who they are or how they look because of the image that society has placed in our minds of what is beautiful. Beauty lies from within and often time we can’t see it until we disconnect our minds from the corruption of social media.


My baby girl is my joy and my heart she said to me the other day, Mom can you just let me for one day have long hair? I said why? She said because long hair is beautiful, it makes me look beautiful, I feel beautiful. I was astonished because I strive each and everyday to express to my girls that beauty is not defined in how long your hair is or how long your nails are but the beauty that is within will shine through. However, that is not what society has taught her or taught us.

She isn’t the only one that have experienced this. I have experienced this as well. I battled my weight over and over again. If the scale didn’t say a certain number then I was not happy with myself. I felt ugly, I felt fat, I felt that I was unattractive. Why? Because I needed to look like the people in the magazine, or the girl at the gym. The more and more that I finally started to open up to my imperfections and started to workout because I loved my body the more I noticed the changes occurring.


So don’t spend your life accepting what others feel your life should look like or what you should look like. Define your life yourself, define who you are, be unique, be different, BE YOU. When we really tap into who we are we finally begin to accept who we are and love who we are.



With love and acceptance,




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