Often times in our fitness journey we get frustrated, we get tired of not seeing results, we lose confidence in ourselves because we don’t feel like we are succeeding. I have experience that so many times and really experience it after suffering from my injury. Approximately 8 months ago and tore my plantar fascia and suffered from plantar fasciitis. Well I had races that I was already scheduled to run so I proceeded to finish out my racing season.


Well finally in January I said it is time to let this foot heal. So that is what I did. I started physical therapy at Architech Sports, I continued to do crossfit at Crossfit Axon but did everything with modifications. During this process I felt like I was at a stump, I felt like I wasn’t progressing. The pain went from one foot to the other foot. I felt as if I would never get better and that I would have to end my running. Something that I love so much, something that brings serenity to my heart. But I said No Felicia do everything you can do in getting better and then just go from there. I was at ease that if I could never run races again that I would find something else to do. I would venture off and find new loves. Well I stayed consistent with my therapy, my workout routine. I began to try new things, try new ways of training. Well needless to say I began to truly find myself and find out some other ways to engage in fitness that I loved. I began to really find my true strengths.


So what am I doing now?

  • I am still running, just trying a new running style
  • I am still doing crossfit (actually hitting some serious PR’s)
  • I am still doing other things {love hiking, rockclimbing(indoor that is….lol)…and who knows what else}

So why go through my life story?

I’m telling you this to let you know that despite what downfalls or setbacks you may experience…Stay consistent…Stay focused on your goals, Don’t give up, Stay with it. It will pay off.


With Love,



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