I am NOT my Circumstances


After my meditation this morning, these words came to my head….”I am NOT my Circumstances” Often times we get depressed or upset when we are going through situations beyond our control. We let the situation dictate who we are, how we will be and what our future will look like. Honestly, before you even know it that situation has now taken over your life. Life happens…we all know that. Life is what we make out of it that is the most important. Do we take life by the hand and say, “I am going to live it through my fullest potential?” Or do we look at life and say, “My life hasn’t been going well so I am just going to wallow in my self-pity?


I had to face this head on as a single mother. Now if you would have ask me 5 years ago if I was going to be a single mother I would have looked at you and said, “Heck No”? My life as I dreamed it as a little girl was this beautiful family, beautiful house with white picket fence. Well like I said…Life happens. I became a single mother that I said I would never be. I slipped into a deep depression, full of anxiety with the feeling that it was my fought, I wasn’t a good wife, I wasn’t a good mother. It left me feeling hopeless, that I wouldn’t make it on my own raising two beautiful girls. I then realized I wasn’t alone, there were so many other single moms out there. I wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last. I began to realize that just because of my circumstances doesn’t mean I have to become my circumstance. I can choose how I will respond to my circumstance? How will I write my story, my chapter? Will I continue to let my circumstances define me or will I be better than my circumstance.


No matter what your circumstances are don’t let it define you. Don’t let it finish the pages in your  “Life” book. Be better than your circumstances. So what is my superpower? I am a strong, healthy, intelligent, beautiful black single mother. This is isn’t the end of my book but the beginning pages of my Beautiful Life.

So what is your superpower?

“Building a Strong Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit”


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