You Can’t Outrun Your Fork (#TeamBLKGRLFLY)


So how many times have you heard the statement, “You are what you eat” Well that is true. Often times in our fitness journey we get so stuck on how many miles we are running, or how much cardio we are getting in, or did we get that strength training workout in for today. Did you know…FIFTY percent of Black women develop Type 2 diabetes at some point during their lifetime (American Psychological Association), which means you can’t just workout. But what are we doing the rest of the day? How are we fueling our bodies from the workouts? What are we eating on the days we don’t get to the gym?

It’s a Puzzle Piece

Healthy Lifestyle is like a puzzle…..if there is one piece missing from the puzzle then that puzzle will not be complete. There are so many aspects that encompass a healthy lifestyle:

Mental Aspect

Physical Aspect


Spiritual Aspect

Did you know that each one of these categories can effect what you are putting on your plate? Not getting enough sleep…we typically resort to coffee, caffeinated drinks, food, snacks. What are you doing in each of this categories? How are you completing your puzzle piece? Is there a missing piece in your puzzle?

So the magic question is….How do I include all of these aspects into my healthy journey? How can I be a healthier me…looking and feeling great? Well it’s simply……But you’ll have to come check us out to here more about it…..


Join us on July 15th….

More about this event…

The Beauty Standard’ is a weekend happening, taking place on Saturday, July 15th, in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. This event highlights women of color— with a focus on beauty, hair and happiness, finances, as well as overall health and wellness!


Hope to see you there



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