Stay Focused



Aah this one is a big one for me because I am easily distracted by the things that are going  around me. I tend to lose focus.. tend to lose focus on what my goals are.. lose focus on what I would like my end result to be. I have learned through the years that in order to be successful, in order to reach your goals, reach that end result you have to stay focused.


Often times we get so distracted of what everyone else is doing, we begin to question whether or not we are being successful. We begin to question if we are doing things right. We ask ourselves

Do we need to change up something?

Do we need to just give up?

But what we often fail to realize is that we are not allowing ourselves to fulfill those goals, fulfill those dreams, fulfill those end results we are looking to gain because we are not focus on the task at hand. We are so worried about:

What everyone else is doing

Whether or not everyone else is a step ahead

Worried about whether or not we are just moving slow

We fail to realize that it is not that we can’t be successful, that we can’t fulfill that dream, it is because we are not focus on what we want, we are not focus on achieving the goal or dream that is set for us to achieve.

So stop comparing yourself to others, stop worrying about what others are doing, or how successful it may seem that other people are…Stay focused on your task, stay focused on your goal, stay focus on your end result that you would like to achieve. When we focus all of our energy, our time, our dedication and let it all play out that is when we start to see our lives unravel to where we want to be and who we want to be.

Focus on One Course

Stay humble and Stay Focused



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