Patience….. we all lack it some times. We say we have patience but do we really have patience? I read a great quote the other day from my meditation through Calm it said, “It is not the thought of being patient but how we act during the patience. That resonated so deeply within. Often times we say we are being patient but yet we are driving ourselves insane during the patient process. We begin wrecking our brains back and forth trying to figure out the next move, trying to figure out what we need to do next, how to fix something that is broken, trying to make everything all better, trying to understand why we can’t run fast or do a strict pull up. Instead of just letting things be, taking time out to work on the task at hand, not being frustrated of why we can’t do something but work towards progressing to get better. It’s all about changing the things we can and allowing the things we can not change to work itself out.

I find myself like this with my workouts. As I was coming back from my injury I would get so impatient. I would think that I was being patient but in actuality I was being impatient. I wasn’t happy that my progress was going so slow. I wanted to be back where I use to be….right then and there. I would spend the majority of trying to figure out my next move. How I would train?  What I would do? That was all great but while I was patiently waiting I was putting pressure on myself to be back to a person that I wasn’t going to be at that time. I needed to truly focus on what I could do in the here and now to get over my injury to get better. It was during that time that I realize it wasn’t just about being patient it was about the thoughts and things that I was doing or thinking while I was patiently waiting.

Realize that everything happens for a reason, realize that goals are not met in one day. We have to stay with the process, be patient, use the time during that patience to capitalize on the areas we need to capitalize on. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be this or to be that. Let the work and patience speak for itself….the results will show:)



With love and patience



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