Back To School Frenzie



So this is the time of the year where parents are back in the grind of everything. Back to schoolwork, traveling back to school, dealing with countless minutes and hours in traffic. The time of the year where our schedules get extremely busy and crazy.

This is also the time of the year where we lose our self care. We lose the fact that we as parents, family members, sibling, daughters need to take care of ourselves.

This is the time of the year that we truly need to be in maintenance phase and restoration phase. Building ourselves back up.

But how can we take time for ME during this Frenzie?

Here are my 5  top things that I do focus on during the craziness of Back to School

  1. Planning is key
    1. Plan out your week to not only include kids activities, fitness for yourself, ME time
  2. It’s okay to say NO
    1. I battled with this for a long time. I was always chipping in, always try to help out, always trying to lend a hand to someone else. I quickly realize that I was leaving me out of the equation. It’s hard to take care of others when you are not taking care of yourself. At some point you will wear and tear your body down to the point that someone will need to care for you.
  3. Stop putting yourself LAST
    1. I use to always make sure that my girls were situated, use to always not only supply all of their needs but also their wants. I use to feel guilty if I took time out to get my nails done because I would think about how I should use it on them. I quickly realized that it’s okay to think about me too. I made sure that my girls had their needs and I also made sure I had all of my needs. I can not take care of them if I don’t take care of myself. By no means am I saying don’t do anything for your family or friends but saying don’t forget about doing something for yourself…And don’t you dare feel guilty about it
  4. Take care of the ONE BODY that you have on this earth
    1. So if you are like me budgeting is key..So when it is time to cut cost the first thing to go is Fitness especially if we belong to a gym or to a fitness facility. I contemplated it several times but I look at healthy eating, fitness and anything to do with spending money on healthy options the same way. I can either pay the money now with a great membership rate or I can spend the money later through doctor visits, cost of tests being run because of poor health. Now don’t get me wrong you definitely should shop around and live within your means. Which means if you can’t afford it right now shop around online there are so many sites that have exercise programs you can do at home, groups that offer home workouts. Just remember despite what may be going on physically or financially take care of your body.
  5. Live each Day OUT LOUD
    1. As much physical fitness that you need for healthiness you also need mental fitness and strength. Take time to tap into you…do what you love..enhance your mental. Living a stress life…removing stressors that can be removed. Do adventurous things, step outside of that comfort zone box.. Simply take time to Enjoy Life…You only get one life to live…So take time to Enjoy IT!!!


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