Why do I meditate?



So September is the start of a challenge that I created called Self Care September. Often times in our daily journey we get into the rush feeling. The way of the world is always on the go…we never stop moving…we are always doing something but we never take the time to really sit back and enjoy life. This quotes describes the concept of meditation and the art of being still so eloquently.


What is all this talk about Meditation?

Many people believe that meditation is all about just sitting or being. Yes that is a portion of meditation. However, there is far more to it than just sitting. Meditation allows us to not just focus on controlling our thoughts but helping to not allow our thoughts to control us.

How many times have you just caught yourself drifting away from reality?


For example, this morning I was driving my youngest daughter to school and missed her turn to her school and realized wow how did I miss her turn? Well it is because I was in thought mode, I was thinking about all the things that I have going on today, all the things I need to do, all the projects that I need to be working on. So this morning I allowed my thoughts to take over my day, that moment, that experience of morning drive, the beautiful sky view that I missed. I say all of that to say that when we allow our thoughts to take over our mind we miss out on LIFE, the importance of life, the beauty of life. So stop allowing your thoughts to take control over you, live in the here and now, accept the thought and then move on.

So why do I meditate?

Enlightenment in nature

Meditation allows me to learn how to accept my thoughts, accept life struggles, turmoils and then release it. It allows me to not let my thoughts take over my life, my being, my day. It is the fitness of my mind. It strengthens my mind to maintain a level of healthiness. Building a healthy lifestyle is not just about the outward appearance but also the inward appearance.






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