Why do you train?


Often times I go back to the question, “Why do I train?” Why do I  so many races or Why do I compete in Crossfit Competitions? It is important to know and understand why you do the things that you do…Why you might ask? because when you are unable to train or compete then what will you go back to. This became very prevalent to me last year when I suffered an injury that caused me to not be able to train for my races and my crossfit competition. I had to go back to my “WHY” I had to go back to why do I train?

Why do I put my body through all of this?

Is it because I am trying to set a statement?

Am I trying to look good for other people?

Am I trying to compete with others?

These were all the questions that I had to face. Questions you may have faced one time in your life as well. When I truly began to really look at my “Why” and I truly began to understand the reasoning of why training was important to me…I began to truly tap into ME.

So Why do I train?

I train for the fun, the adventure, the fellowship with friends, the ability to see what my body can do..I train to help better myself as a runner, as a crossfitter, as a yogi and simply as a person. You truly never know your limits unless you try. I also realized that my training became so much more than just about me but it became showing my girls that they can do anything they put their minds to. This coincided with my “Why” of working out. My “Why” is for them, my “Why” is for me…It’s about creating a better version of ME so that I can be the best person, the best MOM I can be for them; so that I can see them grow up; so that I can laugh, play, enjoy life with them.

So why do you train?

You must truly understand your “Why” truly understand why you are training because if training was out of the question today…what will you do? How will you react? Will you give up?

Take time out to understand your Why and capitalize on it!



With love,



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